What are Event Books, Distance Books, and Volkssport Awards?

The International Walking Organization set out a series of event and distance awards as a means of getting walkers to continue the healthy sport.  These are certificates, pins, and patches given at each level of accomplishment. 

The pictures here provide a view of the event record books and awards so to give walkers a visual understanding of this program.  There are two books, one to record events and one to record distances walked, that are $6 each.  The 1st event book is for 10 walk events and it is submitted to the US National Headquarters at the American Volkssport Association.  The staff provides a Record Book and a unique numbered account.  The book may be used in any of the 40+ countries where the International Organization has member clubs.

An initial “New Walkers Package” is $6 and contains 3 free walks, an Event book, and a Distance Book.  This $19.00 value provides an inexpensive way to start on the process to record the places you walk and the distance you have achieved.  On the way you can see new locales and meet new friends. 


The American Volkssport Association Motivational Awards

The awards include a certificate, pin and patch.  The Event award levels start at 10, 30, 50, and continue each 25 events after that.  Distances award levels start at 500 km and continue each 500 km afterwards. The small pins are complemented by a patch reflecting the event or distance achieved.